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Cabinet Painter

Did you know that a cabinet painter can give your kitchen and/or bathroom a whole new look, without the time and expense of replacing your cabinets?

If you like your cabinets, but HATE the look of them, you might just want to consider cabinet resurfacing. An inexpensive option, cabinet refinishing allows you to change the look of your cabinets, and your kitchen, quickly and affordably. Have your cabinets sanded and re-stained, or choose a great color to paint them that complements your favorite dishes or towels. This is an easy fix for a kitchen problem!

When painting kitchen cabinets, we are always very careful to protect your house from the paint fumes by shielding everything with plastic sheets.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing by Kinos

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Why Cabinet Refinishing?

When it comes to cabinet refinishing, we are very experienced at bringing you a new look without replacing your old cabinets. Just because you want an updated look doesn't mean you need to remove your existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Save Money

Cabinet refinishing saves the homeowner up to 66%!

Save Time

Don't wait for demo and delivery, work can be started right away!

Save the Enviroment

By reusing your existing cabinets you help save our planet!

Cabinet Refacing Options

Cabinet Finishes

Perhaps the greatest advantage to refinishing your kitchen cabinets is the number of options available. Unless you wish to pay the expensive price of having your cabinets custom made, many manufactures today have limited choices. Cabinet refinishing actually opens up more options without it being necessary for you to drain your pocketbook.

We can easily paint your cabinets a totally new color or we can bring out its natural beauty with a stain.

Your options are almost limitless!

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting by Kinos
Cabinet Painting by Kinos
Cabinet refinishing
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